Bar&Co sad news

Dear friends and penya members

It is with profound sadness and a heavy heart that we must inform you that Bar&Co, Penya Blaugrana London official premises, sank on 4 January 2024 at around midday.  The cause of the sinking is still unknown, but we were informed this was due to the storms that have been hitting the country recently.  

It is important to note there were no personal injuries reported in the accident.

Bar&Co was a unique, charming, and welcoming boat on the Thames that operated as a restaurant and party venue.  It was also the home of Penya Blaugrana London for the last 15 years.  

We have enjoyed many unforgettable nights at Bar&Co that will stay in our hearts forever. We started our journey back in 2008 to witness the first match of a young Guardiola as coach, we lived the memorable 2011 Champions Leage final in Wembley, and enjoyed countless nail-biting La Liga and Champions League matches.  The atmosphere at Bar&Co was second to none and gained the nickname "Camp-Nou-on-Thames” for a very good reason.  Bar&Co was our home and we loved it, and it will be truly missed by all penya members and friends.

Amid the catastrophe, the real tragedy is that Bar&Co was a family business and the livelihood of several people.  All our best wishes and moral support goes to Jorge and Xavi, managers of Bar&Co, Eduardo the chef, and all the lovely staff that worked at Bar&Co that have always treated the penya and all Barça fans so well over the years.  

In solidarity, Penya Blaugrana London has started a Just Giving campaign to help Bar&Co management and their staff during these difficult times. If you would like to donate, you can do so in the following link.

Penya Blaugrana London

Massive win against RM to push 12 points ahead

The penya experienced one of the most iconic moments of the season in a La Liga nail biter match against RM where our team was able to win 2-1 with a last minute goal. 

After the match, FCB is now 12 points ahead in the league.

Meet the real Penya Blaugrana London on a match day!

Fantastic video put together by our friend Jaime Ibarra from PB San Diego visiting London for a few days that captures the athmosphere at Bar&Co during a match day.





Massive win against Athletic at the penya!

There was a big crowed at the penya to watch the match against Athletic in San Mames.  It was a hard fought 0-1 with a late disallowed goal.

Great Atmosphere Previa to Old Trafford

Thanks to the 500+ socis and penya members that came to the previa at Shambles Square to make possible such a fantastic atmosphere, which continued at Old Trafford to support our team. Unfortunately it wasn't possible in the end, but we are all Barça and will come back stronger!

Gràcies als més de 500 socis i penyistes que van venir ahir a la prèvia a Shambles Square i que van fer possible un ambient inolvidable, que va continuar a Old Trafford per animar l'equip. Malauradament el resultat no va acompanyar i va ser dur per a tots els desplaçats, però tots fem Barça i tornarem més forts!

Pre-match meetup for Manchester

The meeting point for all fans and penyes before the Manchester Utd match will be Shambles Square, with two very traditional English pubs. From 3pm to 5pm, and then everybody together to the stadium.

We all go to Manchester!

Real Sociedad copa del rei

Great atmosphere at the penya now we have returned back to Bar&Co, and fantastic football exhibition that propelled us to the semi-finals of the Spanish Kings Cup.  Will this be the second title of the season?

Jose Maria Barnils becomes honorary lifetime member

We are proud to announce that Jose Maria Barnils has become a lifetime honorary member of Penya Blaugrana London, in recognition of his services to FC Barcelona and international penyes, and especially for the friendship, support and advice always provided to Penya Blaugrana London.

Jose Maria Barnils was head of FC Barcelona´s Social Commission and responsible for all international penyas from 2010 to 2020.

Spanish Super Cup win

Penya Blaugrana London enjoyed the win of the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid and a good 1-3 trashing at Sports Bar & Grill Old Street.


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