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Penya Blaugrana London Badge (Pin)

Penya Blaugrana London Sant Jordi flag, at the Etihad

Penya Blaugrana London travelled to Manchester with 47 members for the Manchester City Champions league match.

Along with the PBL delegation, we took our Sant Jordi flag, which was unfolded at Exchange Square and Albert Square.

Most importantly, the flag was also unfolded at the Etihad stadium, while the players came out to the pitch.

Penya Blaugrana London thanks Ferran Soriano and Danny Wilson for the help and assistance provided to make the unfold of the flag inside the stadium a reality.

PBL in Amsterdam 2013

PBL flag in Mundo Deportivo, from our trip to Amsterdam. 

Mundo Deportivo article about the pre-match penya dinner in Amsterdam (10/12/13)

On behalf of Penya Blaugrana London, we would like to thank Penya Blaugrana d'Àmsterdam for the warm welcome our members received at their pre-match dinner


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