Real Sociedad copa del rei

Great atmosphere at the penya now we have returned back to Bar&Co, and fantastic football exhibition that propelled us to the semi-finals of the Spanish Kings Cup.  Will this be the second title of the season?

Jose Maria Barnils becomes honorary lifetime member

We are proud to announce that Jose Maria Barnils has become a lifetime honorary member of Penya Blaugrana London, in recognition of his services to FC Barcelona and international penyes, and especially for the friendship, support and advice always provided to Penya Blaugrana London.

Jose Maria Barnils was head of FC Barcelona´s Social Commission and responsible for all international penyas from 2010 to 2020.

Spanish Super Cup win

Penya Blaugrana London enjoyed the win of the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid and a good 1-3 trashing at Sports Bar & Grill Old Street.

Card Design Competition Terms and Conditions

PBL Membership Card Design Competition Terms and Conditions:

We are looking for the next design for our 2022 / 2023 Penya Blaugrana London (PBL) Membership card and your photo / image might be it! 

We would like to invite all of our PBL members to participate in this competition as their photo / image can be the design of our 2022 / 2023 PBL Membership cards (the “Competition”).

These Terms and Conditions will apply to this Competition. By entering the Competition, we will assume that you have read these Terms and Conditions. It is important that you read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they contain important information about how to participate in this Competition and the terms on which this Competition operate.  

Competition rules

Penya Blaugrana London official Instagram account

Penya Blaugrana London now has an official Instagram account!

If you have Instagram, remember to follow us!

These are the official channels of the penya

PBL at the EditorsTap for LaLigaUK organised event

Penya Blaugrana London attended the event organised by LaLiga UK at the Editors Tap in London to witness the beating of RCD Espanyol in the first match of the Xavi era.

Fantastic atmosphere among the Barça fans, and let it be the first step on the road to greatness!

PBL in FourFourTwo

Penya Blaugrana London featured in FourFourTwo today in the run up to the match against Espanyol.  Nice article giving a little bit of an inside about the penya.

PS: although the article got a few things wrong, we are not a Spanish penya!

Statement for the FCB World Penyes Federation Elections

Penya Blaugrana London will be supporting the candidacy headed by Toni Freire, Stronger Together.

Toni has presented a clear and solid program that he has defended in many debates and interviews.  Toni has been transparent and open, and always ready to explain and clarify any points from his program.  We are comfortable he and his team will deliver on their promises, and they will continue the good work of improving the international penya movement.

On the other hand, we have serious credibility and preparedness concerns with the candidacy headed by Nicolas Fayet, so much so that in our opinion this candidacy could damage the Federation and the international penya movement.  We therefore oppose it strongly and ask all penyes to do the same.

Mr Fayet is planning to spend vast amounts of Federation money, but when challenged his reply has always been that he does not need to explain, we just need to “trust him”.   This bizarre attitude shows lack of preparedness and raises serious concerns of credibility and possible financial mismanagement.

Mr Fayet candidacy is also full of populistic promises that sound good in paper, but are either unrealistic, unsustainable, or only targeted at penya presidents.  Examples are hiring Camp Nou for a penyes football match, all penyes to receive a Messi signed shirt every year, or VIP tickets.  Once again, when challenged during the debates he has rejected explaining how these promises would be fulfilled.

We are also concerned at the lack of transparency from Mr Fayet candidacy, as he will not reveal his team until after the elections. We find the motives behind this decision worrying, and we believe go against the democratic values of our club, as it denies penyes the right to know who they vote for.

Booking a table at Bar&Co

Use this form to request a table booking for a match with Penya Blaugrana London at Bar&Co.

After you submit the form, you will receive an automated email confirming your request (your table is not book yet).  You will have to wait for an email from a PBL team member to confirm the booking.

We will accept bookings from non-PBL members, although for busy matches PBL membes will be given priority.

The penya is back after lockdown!

Bar&Co is back!  

The penya resumed its duties in style after lockdown with a 4-0 win against Athletic to win the Copa del Rei 2021 title.

Despite the cold evening (it gets cold by the Thames in the evenings!), PBL members warmed up with Estrellas and the performance of our team.


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