FCB vs Bayer Munich (1st leg)

Fantastic night at Penya Blaugrana London!!!!!

Epic match with unbearable tension right until the end. Many penya members would have signed a 1-0 right until minute 75. In the end 3-0, with two fantastic goals from Messi and a sublime one-to-one goal scored by Neymar on the 94th minute.

Penya Blaugrana London at the Wall Street Journal

Penya Blaugrana London was featured at an article in The Wall Street Journal, talking about how Catalans living in London get together and make many friends thanks to FC Barcelona.

Penya Blaugrana London fans at The Wall Street Journal

Tito's first year anniversary

Today is the first year anniversary of the death of Tito Vilanova.

On 25 April 2014 the coach who led FC Barcelona to their best ever league campaign passed away after succumbing to the disease that forced him to step down in July 2013.

Tito was the beloved coach that reached the historic total of 100 points in the 2012/13 campaign. Above all, he will be remembered as the coach who put up the biggest fight of them all, the fight to beat two cancers. He taught us a lesson in humility, respect, loyalty, passion, dedication and will to get the job done.

Penya Blaugrana London has been in mourning this last year, dedicating to Tito our membership cards and the banners of our Facebook groups. Our sorrow still remains

Penya Blaugrana London in Manchester 2015

Penya Blaugrana London was featured in Mundo deportivo about our trip to Manchester to support our team for the Man City Champions league match.

Penya Blaugrana London in Manchester

FCB vs Eibar

Penya Blaugrana London group photo to celebrate an important victory today against Eibar. Three points and two more goals for Messi. Next stop Man City!

Today we have the visit of Jordi Viciano, a very active member in the penyista movement and friend of Penya Blaugrana London. 

World Confederation of FC Barcelona Penyes

The World Confederation of FC Barcelona Penyes is now a reality. 

Josep Maria Bartomeu and the delegates of the Confederation signed the agreement on 7th Match 2015. 

The Confederation structures the penya movement into 30 Federations distributed around the world. The agreement places the penyes at the heart of FC Barcelona, and ensures the penya movement is self-sufficient and sustainable.

Penya Blaugrana London belongs to the International Federation (Zone 30). Penya Blaugrana London currently has a representative in the International Federation board, and is proud to have actively participated in the creation of the Federation.


For more information: FCBarcelona MundoDeportivo

Antonio Freire, president of the International Federation, with Josep Maria Barnils, head of FCB penyes.

Full English Breakfast with PBL

Let's celebrate the greatness of the Full English Breakfast! 

Barcelona host Rayo Vallecano at 11:00 am this Sunday 8th Match at the Camp Nou. 

Penya Blaugrana London invites all its members to a Full English Breakfast

So if you fancy eating breakfast for free and watching Barça, then just confirm your attendance and pop along to the penya this Sunday at 11am. You can confirm by registering in the Facebook event or sending an email to contact@pblondon.org 


Non-members joining the penya on the day can also enjoy free breakfast (£20 joining fee). Check our website for more details and benefits at www.pblondon.org/join

Full English Breakfast with Penya Blaugrana London


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